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There is a $35.00 fee and is due upon registration.

Tuition Per Month

Our Tuition varies, depending on the classes in which your child is enrolled, and the number of hours per week spent in classes.

Beginning students or those who are younger will obviously not take as many hours per week as some of our older students.

In addition, there are discounts available for those who take multiple classes or who have multiple students enrolled.

Please contact us, or stop by our front office, for more information regarding what your specific tuition per month will be.

Late Fee

Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.  A $10.00 Late Fee will be added after the 10th.


It is important that all new and returning students read our policy sheet carefully. 

When a student is registered in a class, they pay each month for the class or classes they are registered in. 

If they miss class, they are welcome to take another class (please ask your instructor) as a make-up for those missed. 

The only way money for classes missed will be returned or credited is if the student has an injury or illness that takes her of out class for the semester. 

Preparation for Class

Please be sure you are properly prepared before coming to class.  Check your dance bag (everyone should carry a dance bag).  Items that should be carried in your bag include:

Proper shoes (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.)

Leotards, tights, etc.

Hair accessories

Be sure to have your name marked in all of your dance shoes and clothing with a permanent marker.  Do not bring valuables to the studio.  Steps can not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  The lost and found box is located in the student lounge.  Please be sure a cover-up is worn to and from class to comply with proper dance etiquette.


Class Etiquette

Classroom etiquette is very important for the instructor and student.  Dancers must not talk during class except to the teachers.  Students must ask permission to enter and leave the class.  Remember that arriving late is a distraction to your classmates. 

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Please do not approach or confront the instructor immediately before, after, during or between classes.  This results in time taken away from other students and instructors.  Parent / Teacher conferences must be scheduled at the desk. 


Please call if your child will miss their scheduled time.  If a dancer misses a month of classes, they will be considered to be a Dropped Student and must re-register.


Steps reserves the right to use pictures and videos of students in advertising for the studio in local newspaper, on the internet, and on Social Media platforms.

Food and Beverage

Please note that chewing gum is not allowed in the classroom.  Beverages (except water) and food are not allowed in the studio. 


You may assume that classes at Steps will be canceled when local schoools are canceled because of weather, but only when they do so because of the weather (and not because of other reasons- certain holidays, teacher work days, administrative reasons, etc.)  We also reserve the right to cancel if we feel it is necessary. 


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