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Our Curriculum

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At Steps, a student's placement and advancement is based on their ability to accomplish the elements established by our syllabus.

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Early Childhood Program

Mommy and Me- Age 2yr.

Creative Movement- Ages 3yr.-4yr.

Pre-Ballet/Tap - Ages 5yrs.-6yrs.

Three to Six year old students are taught concepts that help develop both movement quality and imagination.  Children in this program are gently introduced to the classroom environment.

From ages Four to Five our program builds on work done the previous year.  Students work on controlled movement, balance and jumps.

At the age of Six our young dancers begin working on transition  between the Early Childhood Program into the study of Classical Ballet, which begins at the age of Seven

Black leotard (any sleeve) with no skirts or decorations of any kind.  Pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a tight secure bun (out of face).  Black tap shoes. . 

Includes: Ballet basics, rhythm / timing through Tap, Music, Anatomy, Nutrition, Improv, Jazz and Tumble

Classical Ballet

Ages 7yrs. & Up

At age Seven our class incorporates concepts they have learned and put them into the format used in actual Ballet class.  They are now ready both physically and mentally to begin Classical Ballet.  Black leotard (any sleeve) with no skirts or decorations of any kind.  Pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in a tight secure bun (out of face).

Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Ages 9yrs. & Up

Pre-Pointe and Pointe classes are designed to prepare a student for Pointe shoes by building mental stamina, muscle awareness, muscle strength and respect for the

Art of Pointe.


Ages 7yrs. & Up

We offer Beginner through Advanced level Modern classes.  "Modern" is an expressive style of Dance in which we explore the movement of the body and the expression of emotion through Dance and the elements around us.  By not teaching one specific Modern technique we aim to educate our students on many techniques, the history of Modern, and encourage our dancers to express their own creativity.  Any color leotard.  Solid color footless tights.  Hair pulled back and secured out of face. 


Ages 7yrs. & Up

This is an exciting form of dance that involves dancers wearing special shoes equipped with metal taps.  Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.  Any color leotard.  Solid color tights.  Black tap shoes.  Hair pulled back and secured out of face. 


Ages 7yrs. & Up

This class is structured as a fast-paced, fun traditional dance style that involves upbeat music and movement.  Any color leotard.  Solid color tights.  Black jazz shoes.  Hair pulled back and secured out of face. 

Creative Jazz

Ages 8yrs. & Up

Will offer the student an opportunity to experience traditional Jazz technique along with other popular technique styles. 

Improvisation / Choreography

Ages 8yrs. & Up

This class is designed to help build students self-confidence through creative exploration of movement.  Dancers will explore different levels, shapes, and dynamics through this work.  They will also develop skills needed in the choreographic processes. 

Ballet Notations

Ages 8yrs. & Up

This class is designed to educate students on proper ballet terminology and use of ballet terms to enhance classical ballet work. 



Ages 9yrs. & Up

Our Variations class is designed to teach our students excerpts from classical and contemporary ballets.  They will be educated on the music, history and the story from specific ballets. 


Pilates Conditioning

Ages 10yrs. & Up

Body conditioning with Steps certified Pilates trainers increases the dancers movement quality, posture, breathing and over all strength.  Pilates focuses on core strength, muscle awareness, injury prevention, flexibility and coordination all help to build better dancers. 

Leaps, Turns and Dance Tricks

Ages 9yrs. & Up

This class is designed to help enhance the ability to execute strong movement and incorporates new dance tricks that add to choreography.



Ages 5yrs. & Up

In these classes we will focus on acting and movement related for theater.  There is much to learn in the world of theater.  Some skills we will acquire through these classes are music and rhythmic movement, energetic movement, body involvement, observation, concentration and memory, sensory involvement, imitation, improv, role playing and dialogue.  Our goal for these classes is to build confidence and a curiosity for performing arts! They will have fun learning through theater games, working as a team and gaining self-discipline.  

(As certified Pilates instructors, Shelly & Stacy offer advanced levels that include the Benefits of Pilates, which focus on Flexibility, Balance, Body Alignment, and Coordination.)

These enhancements of our students' skills increase their ability to learn to dance.

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